Jiangsu Yasheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd

About Us
Jiangsu Yasheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd was established in 1996,Website:http://www.yashengmetal.com, located in the Chinese well-known township of stainless steel - Dainan town.The company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters for stainless steel wire ropes and riggings in China. Science and technology innovation, and as an industry leader, Yasheng pays attention to the technological innovation and management innovation.The company invested tens of millions RMB to build the modern enterprise for steel wire rope production in 2008,has technical engineering center of Jiangsu province,Jiangsu province stainless steel rope institute of technology,Taizhou enterprise technology center and are preparing for the building of Jiangsu province enterprise technology center.It has received ?Jiangsu high-tech enterprise?,?Jiangsu private scientific enterprise?,?Taizhou key export enterprise?,?Taizhou contract-observing trust-worthy enterprise? and other honorable titles.
Products and services
Stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel cable,steel wire rope